Saturday, May 14, 2016

Transformers Generation Huffer Toyhax Labels review and comparison

Ever go onto the Toyhax website and just see all the pretty stickers and go "I wish I could afford some of these. Awww :( " Well luckily as I was going through the many, many pages I came across a set that I could afford for one of my FAVORITE Transformers of all time Huffermius Prime. Whoops I mean Huffer. I can dream okay!

I hit buy on this set and the Pipes set and got a masterpiece Hot Rod set for a penny. YAY!! But then it hit me Like a wrecking ball.

Do I really want to put stickers on my only copy of generations Huffer?!? Ding!Ding!  Amazon to the rescue. So now with Huffer and the labels in hand lets check ut what differences there are. And are those labels worth the cost.

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Vehicle Mode

 Ok first off Toyhax really needs some instructions for these sets heck any of their sets. A few stickers I couldn't figure out right away by the Huffer product pics. Looking at the Pipes and Optimus Prime product pages , which are variations of the same set, showed me all I needed to know. 

Stickers added
Small Autobot sticker: The misprinted Autobot sticker on the front looks good. Just wish it was cut right. Found where this sticker went by looking at the Generations Optimus Product page.
Windshield sticker: The tint is closer to a green. While it looks good I think I prefer the original silverish color. Also, the side of the windshield keeps wanting to pop up. But hey maybe that's why they sell that sticker helper stuff.
Sun Shield stickers: These look really good. I like how it breaks up the whole orange scheme. 
Yellow and Black ? Construction? Windvane stickers:  No idea where the idea for these came from. Huffer is not a construction vehicle. I put them on to make the set look complete but I may take them off after I finish this review. Dang it I should have put it on some of my g2 constructicons. 

Stickers added
Silver Feet Stickers: I like these. Similar to the sun shield stickers they break up the whole orange scheme. But they also feel incomplete. like maybe they just needed to do a longer sticker to cover up the entire panel of the foot. 
White Autobot symbol: These look awesome. Enough said...
Door handle: Looks good as well. Kinda a pain to put on but they work.
Side windows: Ok these look good and the color matches the windshield windows. BUT...... they also seem incomplete. Why leave the blue on the bottom of the window? Why not make an orange piece to cover that up? I understand this was a quick way of reusing the generations Optimus Prime stickers but this makes it feel lazy. 
Tire logos: Awesome they help this figure a lot. 
Yellow and black wind vane stickers: I still don't understand these? Who came up with this?

Stickers added
Tail lights: Looks great and makes the truck look more realistic. 
Silver underfoot stickers: Not sure why they are there but hey they look alright
Y Bothr "License" plate Truck Stop Sticker Sticker: Y did they bothr? It doesn't look like a license plate. It feels like a sticker you buy at a truck station to put on your bumper. Hey, I can just call it that!! Truck stop sticker... uhh sticker!


Only their Momma can tell them apart

Stickers added
Only new one here
Autobot chest symbol: Looks good and covers the lazy symbol Hasbro put on there 

I still think my arm looks bigger than yours!

Dang it forgot the legs and crotch piece!!

Herbimus Bumblemus droid to the rescue

Leg Stickers: For some unknown reason they added gray bits onto Huffers legs. No idea why they did this, to be honest. They look ok but they also have the same issues that the windshield stickers have. They raise up on the side that folds over the robots legs. Now I know someone will just say hey you probably had grease on your hands or some bs like that. But the fact is since the mmc female robot stickers that had the same issue. I now use an eraser to prepare the area and only apply the labels using tweezers. So no that is not it.
Crotch Piece: Very G1 looking. I like it


I like this set. I want to love it. But it does feel incomplete and lazy at times. Some of the stickers I just didn't understand why they made them. The whole construction stickers should go on a yellow G2 Constructicons team member. Not Huffer. Now I understand their reasoning:
"Hey quick reuse of an already created set. Let's Do it!"
 But at the least put some effort into it. Think about the character the stickers are going onto. That being said I am still happy I purchased the set. It adds enough to make the figure look improved. So that makes it a win. Just have to remove those construction stickers.

Final Score
3 Carltons

What no Obama reference?!?

Transformers Unicorn Wars!!

Hey! Check Out my Bro Man! He can Lift up this Huge Canon!

Yeah, Man, I am Strong Like BULL!! One Hand!!

Why is Huffer holding onto Shockwave's schtick?

Uhh.. Why are we all looking at Huffer holding onto Shockwaves schtick? 
Dang it Huffer ...GO wash your DAMN Hands!!

What is he holding?!? UHHHH Ok Lets go 

Wait what that's it?