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Unique Toys Mania King Not Transformers Decepticon Galvatron Review

Ahhh Unique toys..... the company that gave us CHUG versions of Predaking, albeit not very good versions, but hey, they tried, right? When I saw their version of Galvatron the pics appealed to me. The bad taste of the quality of the Predaking figures stopped me like a punch to the gut. A failed search for the Botcon "Fireguts Convoy" figure at a cheap price instead showed me a loose Mania King for $60 shipped, so I took that leap off the jagged edge onto the rocky pit of 3rd party greatness.He has finally arrived, so lets see if he was worth the jump!

Read this Review Mortal!

For those of you who only know Galvatron as the bad lego truck that fell apart to "transform" in the last Transformers movie, I have news for you; he was first introduced as a BIG ass laser cannon in the original and better Transformers the animated Movie. Yes folks, it's still better than any of the Michael Bay movies out there. Galvatron was voiced by the late great Leonard Nimoy. Freaking Mr. Spock himself! Nuff said! May he rest in peace.  Ok now with that out of the way. Let's start this review:

Weapon Mode

Beware the sodawater can cannon of death!!

Mania King (aka Galvatron) is a big purple and white laser cannon. A cannon with tank threads, baby!!  The old G1 Decepticon Commander look and feel just oozes out here kiddies, but... isn't this is supposed to be an updated version of this figure? Unfortunately some of the aesthetics of the cannon fail to push "update/upgrade". The weapon looks like an old motor oil can with a spout rammed into it. Okay, did I just show my age?

Yes, folks we had to do this....

Maybe if the barrel was larger it would have given the weapon a more streamlined feel? It just feels wrong and dated, and not a good dated like a redhead with big brains in a nurses uniform. Then there's the whole arms sticking out the back thing. The arms were not incorporated in any way that would explain why the hell they are back there. When I look at it I see a "SEAT". Add in some handles a view screen and Cobra forces could ride this thing like a tank. And yes I NOW know I mis-transformed it a bit by not putting on the back of the laser canon. Damn You, Japanese instructions with terrible pics!! But just imagine a seat and view screen here folks!! It would even work for those tiny crappy movie human alliance figures. I need to also ask why give a figure tank threads if they don't have wheels in the bottom to let the vehicle freaking roll. The original had wheels and that was made in 1986. Come on, pop some wheels in there, damn it!

Check out my butt! You know you like it!

Robot Mode
Whats that to my left? No it's on my Right!

Mania King's transformation is a little weird or wonky as Davestator stated, but once you get it down it is awesome. Not Disco Duck awesome, mind you, but at least Ms. Jackson awesome. The figure is very clean and compacted once done.  No real kibble sticking out of him, an amazing feat for a voyager sized figure. Disco, Disco Duck!!

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No really please do...

Articulation wise: the head is on a ball joint. shoulders and waist are ratcheted. Elbows, upper biceps, knees, and hips are on a static joint. Weird thing on the hips is that it looks like it could have been a ratchet joint but they chose to go in a different direction. Sadly, Unique Toys dropped the ball on one area where a mushroom joint would have helped immensely; the hands. The action figure's hands are set in place, which forces the figure's arms to be set in a side position so that the hands look correct. The limited usage of the hands just hinders this cool figure. A simple swivel joint on the upper arm or wrist of this toy would have helped considerably. Instead of making it look like the figure is begging for more....
Can Mania King some more sir?

The cannon, while cool looking, is a sad excuse for a cannon. Why not pop a clear yellow cannon and LED in there and make it awesome? Hell, the cannon is big enough to fit one of those cheap dollar store LED flashlights in there. Just WEAK, Unique toys, WEAK!!


 Unique Toys, you have come a long way. Mania King is a testament to that. Unfortunately, there are still a few slight stumbles that have hindered this figure. The biggest one is the hands. The colors rock. The articulation is "good enough-ish". The plastic is several levels above the stuff used for your Predaking guys. Improvements all over. This Decepticon shows that you care enough to make your product better. Are you there yet? Do you belong to the upper echelon of 3rd party creators. No. Can you get there? I think you can. Now, can I recommend him? Yes, this figure is awesome enough to warrant the purchase. He belongs right in there with your CHUG collection battling the heroic Rodimus Prime and his Autobots. Just be aware he will have limitations and things a good customizer can fix.

I give him 4 out of 5 Carlton. Would have been 3.5 but I didn't have it in me to cut poor Carlton in half dammit. I'm sure it would hurt him. And we all love Carlton too much to do that!!

You can get your own here:

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