Friday, January 20, 2012

Card Trading Packing 101

So I do alot of trading online. From toys to cards.
Lately though this has become more difficult with the creation of the Sale Value trader.
Sale Value Traders trade by what cards sell on ebay. And then they choose the Highest price that a card sold on Ebay. If 3 cards sold for $1, $2, and $25. They will want the $25 Value for their card. Yet if you had the same card they would want to offer you the $1 sale Value. Well recently I did a trade with one of these guys and he sent me my cards in toploaders to tight for the card. Cards in just a team bag with no other protection. Which led to dinged corners and one card folded in half. He then had the nerve to complain about a "Dimple" on the card and my using reused top Loader. I swear I wanted to slap that cry baby in the face.

So I have decided to make this Packaging post on How to package your trading cards for shipping.

First you Need a Card:
Sample Card
It can be any card in this example a magic card I think.
2nd you will need a Card Sleeve also known as a Penny Sleeve.
Penny Sleeve
Usually they are clear I used this purple backed one so that it can be seen
Then you need a Toploader. They come in different sizes and colors to fit most cards
Here are a few examples.
ok. Now You get the said card and put it in a Penny sleeve:
Card in sleeve
You then Place both card and sleeve into the Card Top Loader
Card in sleeve in cover

Now I like to Tape them down to hold the card in Place. But some folks don't like this method they prefer to send them Untaped and in a team bag. Team bags are these:
They are basically a bag that can hold several cards in Penny sleeves. Now the method is fine but some folks can't afford bags like these. So I don't expect them. Also Cards tend to slip out of toploaders in these bags and end up arriving like this:
Damaged card
damaged Card

Now I get the idea behind using team bags and not tape but I always figure in the notion that I will always have to replace any Toploaders I get in the mail anyhow.
Now there is other options in shipping cards that are not acceptable in most places anymore. Here are a few of those options And why they are not used anymore:
These are no longer used as they tend to stick to cards. So when you unscrew them parts of the cards are ripped off the actual card.
These are made to hold many cards but alot of the cards will arrive with bad corners.
Magnetic Holders
Magnetic Hard cover
Now myself I find these Fine as they are taped closed. But recently I had some guy on the beckett Whine and throw a tantrum when I sent them one. But then again The guy lied about the whole situation and left out the fact that I sent him a Free GU card. I figure he was just a Drama Queen who craved Attention.
And finally
Unless these boxes are really full they will allow movement and damage cards.

Now You get the Completed card/sleeve/loader taped down combo and place it in side a team bag. Now I like sandwiching the card in between 2 decoys and taping them closed. Now I again have heard many complaints about this. But hey is protects the card. I then Tape the team bag closed.

You then get the finished product and place them in a Padded Envelope:
Padded Envelope
You write the address of the trader and return address.
And you MUST always use Delivery Confirmation:
This protects You. It allows you to track the Package you sent out. Why do you need this Protection? Because People Will LIE and said they never got the package you sent. So save yourself from these crooked people. I have also started Recording the Packing of cards to save myself from fools like the Beckett member above.
Oh and NEVER Send trades in PWE. That means Plain White Envelopes:
Why you may ask. Simple Alot of times you will get them Like this:

So thats how you ship. Here is a Video of the process. Remember protect your self and ship properly and it will save you from getting bad trades and Whiney Traders. Good Luck Folks. Oh and remember you Will not Always please everyone. There will be people that will find issues with a card you send. Just remember most times these people have other issues which cause them to try to find these problems with your cards.