Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ko Generation 1 G1 Red Autobot Beachcomber Decepticon Hellcomber Review

  As you go through page after page on Ebay you sometimes come across something cool looking. An item that brings back the awe and amazement you had as a kid when you first got into Transformers. Back on September 2nd, this figure brought back the feelings of yester yore to me. It made me want to buy it!! It will be mine I said to myself in my best Megatron voice. I sounded more like Shirley Temple straining on the throne I am told by my wife. Ehh close enough. So I waited excitedly.

That's not nice! 
And sucker you wish you sounded like me!

Week one comes and goes I am still giddy. Yes, grown men can say giddy dang it!! Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 and I shave my beard and eat some Chinese food. As all old people do I eventually forget about even buying the dang thing. I go to my mailbox today and see a package from China and wonder to myself uhhh "What the hell is this?!?! " I put it close to my ear to make sure it wasn't ticking. I shake it a few times and quickly throw it away as far as possible. Fire in the Hole!! Hmm no boom. I dunk it in water and wait for any sparks to come out. Nothing!! Then it hits me! Wait I'm not a Special Secret Super agent, or am I and just forgot again, and I never called out Hillary Clinton in PUBLIC. So who would want to rub me out? What am I so scared about? I open it and the warm belly tingling feeling of awe returns!! IT is finally here. So let's check this guy/gal out?!?

You just had to go there...

Vehicle Mode

Hellcomber transforms into a Red and gray 1982 M1040 Chenowth "Hellfire" Fast Attack Vehicle. Yes, it's an actual vehicle! I googled it dang you.

Just like it's G1 Autobot counterpart this Cybertronian has all the original touches that made it an awesome figure so many years ago. Rubber Dunlop tires that give you great traction on most surfaces. And smell ohh so good. What? Don't judge me you know you smell them too! At least I don't lick the tires like some folks I know. Roll test was a full 2 tile squares which puts most bayverse bots to shame. The black roll cage and light gray lights and body really make this sand buggy pop. All around win for this beautiful bugger.

Dramatic Exit in 5...4..

Robot Mode

Red is so sexy!

Pull out the arms, flip the front hood around to form her legs and flip the head up and you have Hellcomber. Decepticon Mistress of the dunes.

Decepticon you say?!? Nay, Nay sir! Ay, Ay I say. Why is this bot a Decepticon? Simply put the rub symbol on her is of the Decepticon variety. It's a life choice dammit. Don't ya just love easy simple answers? Articulation is limited to her arms turning a full 360 degrees. Hey, it's a Ko based off a toy from 1984. What technological marvel can we honestly expect? Joints on the figure are tight for the most part except for her head which tends to want to fold back down onto her chest. Maybe we can get her to spell attic next time she looks down that way? This issue is something the original figure suffered from as well, though. This copy of the mold is a variation. It is based on the one with "Hasbro" stamped across the left arm (removing half the "mesh" pattern). This figure is a nostalgic scream of greatness to the past. A simpler past where Alyssa Milano was still my secret girlfriend and didn't have so many restraining orders against me. I love you, Alyssa!!

Stop calling me!! STALKER!!

Wow, real rubber tires.

A-T-T-I-C...... I don't get it?


I'm Dancing!

  $15, that is how much this figure cost. $15. I have to say it's well worth the cost. The plastic on this con is spot on to the original official figure. It doesn't feel cheap, fragile, or greasy like some ko's. The rubber tires feel like the originals. If I wasn't 98% sure that beachcomber wasn't released in a red color scheme this figure could have passed as an original 1984 released product. It is quite amazing how far ko's have come. If anything it makes me wonder why they haven't made all the Huffer repaints from Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Guadalajara, and where ever else they released Puffer at. I want my Puffer dammit. I recommend this con to anyone. Well worth the wait. Well worth the cost.

Make us Chinese Ko makers!!

Cause we are Awesome!!
5 out of 5 Carltons

You sure this is how it goes?!?

Much Better

So dear time to get that Autobot emblem!

Stop Trying to control me!!

Can you and I be friends?



Dean Loves me!!! Dance Time!!

What I can Dance too!! You ain't Special!

Apparently, there has been a red Beachcomber character named Buggyman. Thanks a lot Ronald you ruined the hopes and dreams of poor Hellcomber by forcing a label onto her!! If she identifies herself as Hellcomber she should be allowed to stay as Hellcomber. Decepticon Mistress of the dunes!! J/K Ronald thanks for the info. It's cool to learn something new in the Tf verse.

For the stricklers here is Buggyman AKA Hellcomber

Oh and a Picture of a Hot Shirley Temple Cause we all need a Shirley Temple in our lives!