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Tfc Toys Battle Rollar not Masterpiece Hasbro Takara Tomy Autobot Roller review

  Up today is a third party figure made by TFC Toys. Tfc Ex-002, or battle Rollar was their answer for a Masterpiece Autobot Roller. As most know Roller is the little buddy to Optimus Prime. Now when I first saw this figure I was instantly enamored with it. I wanted it like Yogi the bear wants picnic baskets. But like Yogi had Mr. Forest Ranger, I had someone stop me as well. This green monster was called Money, to the tune of $50. And So when a buddy decided to sell his at a very good price I swooped in like, well, Dinobot Swoop and picked him up. Time to find out if he's worth my grand ideas of him.

Vehicle Mode

 Or should I say Vehicles mode. Rollar has several modes . Rollar is a dark blue and gray 6 wheeled with 3 red windows all terrain vehicle, or he would be if his wheels stayed in place. Unfortunately, the wheels on mine keep wanting to bow out. At first, I thought it was due to the glass surface that my son took pictures on, but the wheels bowed on any surface I placed him on. Now you can add his swords and weapons on to this mode so there is that I reckon.

I'm A Moon lander!!! Not an ATV!!

 If you flip the wheels around and turn Rollar upside down he becomes a "tank" with what seems to be his cannon pointed the wrong way? I say this because it has 3 red window looking things that are pointed in the opposite direction. Which I assume would make targeting an enemy pretty rough. Another issue arises due to the wheels not actually locking together so they uhh kind of stop each other from turning when the wheels eventually split. Which I'm sure might be a problem if it was an actual vehicle.

  " Hey he's right in front of us!! Turn around and shoot!!!"

 Ok so now if you turn Rollar up on its back and point the tires in a downward direction, Rollar becomes a gun turret. Now this turret formation actually works out. You can also use this turret as a backpack for Classics Optimus Prime.

 And finally the 4th mode. Jet pack mode. This mode can be used in both the Classics voyager sized Optimus Prime and, from the Pictures, the masterpiece Optimus figure. Unfortunately mine didn't come with the connector piece to make the masterpiece version work, so only Classics For You!!

 Uhh yeah that looks like, well, a car hanging off that dude's back. Yeahhhh... Yeahhhh... I can actually say that picture in particular says a thousand words, many of which are 4 letters long if you know what I mean. I tried spinning him around in the hopes that it would look better but, uhh... it still looked like, well, a car hanging off that Matrix wielder's back. Let's move on.

Robot Mode

Rollar transforms into a kind of wimpy or scrawny looking robot with an Optimus Prime styled head. Or as my buddy told me, an exosuit style robot. What I saw after a while was a forced attempt to match the movie line figures. The figure has the same Lego Bionicle body shape and split toes that most of the bayverse figures have. The wheel make this figure awkward-looking and tend to get in the way. His back piece just hangs there and just seems to get in the way. Rollar does have ball joints everywhere. Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Head, Shoulders, Knees and toes. Knees and Toes Sing it with me!! Damn you ADHD! Sorry folks.

Ok this figure has a ball jointed head, shoulders, elbows, hands and knees. He also turns at the waist. With all these articulation points we would think he would be awesome to pose, and we would all be wrong. This figure suffers from too many loose ball joints, so every time I tried to pose him he either flopped down or bent back. Sam was lucky he could take fast pictures on this one. Now I would have tried to fix him with clear nail polish but I ran out painting my Lizard's toe nails. Rain needs to look pretty dang it.

Being able to shoot what you can see is SOOOO much better!!


Rollar comes with 2 black guns, 2 blue Swords, 4 blue hands, 3 red shield parts and 5 golden riiiiiiiiiiiings. Bada bum bum. Ok, no rings. It would have been awesome though right. I'm just saying, next time throw some damn rings in there TFC, cheap bastards! Now all of these weapons have 5mm posts that should allow them to connect to each other and all over the figure. Unfortunately while they connect they don't hold on or together very well. I guess no testing of said parts was done. Who knows? Now the 3 red windshields slide together to form an Energon shield for Rollar.  Sometimes they hold on very well and sometimes they keep separating from each other. it really is a roll of the dice on them. You can connect the shield to Rollar's forearm once you do get them to stick. Now this is kind of difficult to accomplish as the huge tire on his arm gets in the way. Now for the hands. He comes with a set of happy or jazz hands as they call them. the other set consists of a karate chop hand and a "Party On! Excellent!!" hand.

I 'm dancing. I'm Dancing...


Like the 1977 Pinto I bought in '64, this figure has issues. While I can respect the attempt made by TFC toys, the product produced was a fail. It honestly felt like they didn't have anyone test this guy out at all. One simple play session would have awoken the designers to all the things that came out during this review. Price-wise I have to say I am glad I got it used at a cheaper price. If I had paid $50 plus shipping on this figure I would have been pissed. Quality-wise this figure has ok plastic; not the greatest but not dollar store Rubutt plastic either. I do have to add the clear blue swords have stress marks already and the pegs are too small for any of their connecting points. So explain that one, Science Guy. After much consideration this is an easy pass recommendation. Heck if you think about buying it, have someone slap * you and say " No, Bad purchase! Bad Purchase!" Wait for Takara and Hasbro to make this robot instead. Or heck MMC. (Hint hint.)

* Dark Convoy Reviews Does not endorse the slapping (unless you are into that sorta thing) of other people. Especially strangers they don't like that sorta thing!



Knees and toes



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